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  1. Truth Decay

From the recording Stragglyrs 2020

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Truth Decay

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released May 15, 2020
Larry Ingenthron - guitar, lead vocals
Bill Mishler - drums, backing vocals
Chris Purdum - bass, backing vocals
Autumn Rose - banjo, backing vocals



CHORUS: They’re suffering from truth decay. Not letting the facts get in the way
You can tell where they’re coming from if you read between the lies
While suffering from truth decay

We gave them a job by marking on the line, to do what we want and make it fine
Seems they’ve forgotten just what we say, they got a case of truth decay


They go a traveling all of the time, circling the globe on our dime
Doing almost anything thinking it’s ok, they got a case of truth decay


Cutting back or changing what we need these days, while giving themselves a big raise
We’re wondering if the bills will be covered by our pay, we’ve got a case of truth decay


Remember that we put them there and we can get them out
It’s time we took a stand and gave a shout
If they’re not doing what we want, they just can’t stay, they got a case of truth decay


© Copyright 2013

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