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Hank Van Buren: Lead vocals, acoustic rhythm 6-string guitar
Chris Purdum: Harmony vocals, bass
Bill Mishler: Harmony vocals, drums
Tom Thompson: Harmony vocals, lead electric guitar, rhythm electric guitar
David Trabue: Pedal steel


Evening in Cheyenne
(Van Buren)

Sittin' in this bar room
Watchin' the storm outside
Wonderin' if there's a southbound freight
On which I could catch a ride

Caught a train in Reno
It dumped me in Cheyenne
Now it's gettin' damn near closin' time
I'm gettin' mighty high

Wish that I was somewhere
South like San Antone
Where the blizzard isn't blowin'
And I'm not so alone

I remember those southern mornings
Warm sun on our skins
Wanna be back in that south land
Holding you again

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