From the recording Don't Wait

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Divide and Conquer (Mishler/Ingenthron)

Speak truth to power. But know who the powerful are
It's not the mom and kids trek a thousand miles for asylum
It's not the ragged people sleepin' in a car

Some folks must have nodded off in Bible school
The day they taught the Golden Rule
To think lending a hand up to someone
Somehow takes somethin' away from you

Divide and conquer.
It's how the greedy rich win
In the land of equality and freedom.
Fear crowned a joker o-ur king

Picture the blessed at Sunday dinner
Bustin' belts across our bountiful land
With no thought that the food on our table
Was picked by underpaid, slandered hands

Don't look down on your destitute brother
For the grace of God I go there with you
Don't look down on your struggling sister
You've no idea what she's been through

Sign up and vote against the great dividers
Whose cruelty can only appall
Things get better reachin' out in the darkness
Not by throwin' up shoddy walls

Why would a working household
Vote for a deal that's so clearly unfair?
Still, America turns its lonely eyes
To a greedy clown with orange hair

Bill Mishler - Lead vocals, drum, harmonica
Larry Ingenthron - Acoustic guitar
Chris Purdum - Bass, backing vocals
Autumn Rose - Banjo

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