From the recording Don't Wait

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Do the Right Thing (Robert's Rule of Order) (Mishler)

You gotta do the right thing, no matter what people say
No matter the cost, no matter what's in the way
You gotta do the right thing, even when no one's lookin'
Coulda snatched the brass ring, slipped out the door and gone bookin'

In a world where wingnut crazies
Gaslight, endanger and rob
Though you’re scared, don’t be cowed by the mob
Be like my brotha, Bob

He'd do the right thing, even when it's hard
When you can't see the end; they say you'll never go far
You gotta do the right thing, even if it don't pay
No matter what the doubts, no matter how short the day

In a world where the good die young
And we seem to be yielding to disorder
Extend your spirit life a hundred years.
Follow honest Robert's rule of order
Just do the right thing

He did the right thing; did not look out for number one
He'd say guard all the daughters, as you guard all the sons
No matter how tough, you think you’re flippin’ your lid
When your so-called friends say, hey, “Those girls aren't your kids”

When your vision extends past the horizon.
No one else sees the truth that's hid
Keep on rockin’... rockin' the right thing.
The folks you love will be glad you did
Just do the right thing

Bill Mishler - Lead vocals, drums, harmonica
Larry Ingenthron - Acoustic 12-string guitar, backing vocals
Chris Purdum - Bass, backing vocals
Autumn Rose - Banjo, backing vocals
Ken Long - Lead electric guitar

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